Pistol 191 Red Dot - Apr. 28, 2018 - Towanda, PA

Pistol 191 Red Dot - Apr. 28, 2018 - Towanda, PA
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Pistol 191 Red Dot is a one-day class designed to introduce shooters to the latest trend in modern pistol fighting -- the addition of red dot optical sights. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing a sight on a CCW, home defense or Duty handgun, and prove your individual system. The majority of shooters running a red dot on their pistol are fairly new to the concept, and apprehensive of using it defensively. This class will help students gain confidence in their individual mindset, techniques, skill and system by engaging targets at varying distance and speed. You will learn techniques and drills to maximize your potential with the RDS-equipped pistol, and shoot under stress to validate the principles taught. This class is not designed for competition shooters or recreational plinking, but those wishing to get the most out of their modern pistol in a defensive situation.

Lunch will be provided.


Length: 1 day class
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Type: Hands-On Training
Audience: Civilian, Law Enforcement, Military
Prerequisites: Pistol 101 or equivalent
Topics Covered:
  • Principles of utilizing Red Dot optics on pistols
  • Types of Red Dot optics, how to pick whats right for you
  • Gaming vs. Combat shooting
  • Advantages vs. Drawbacks of Red Dots
  • Close range shooting and shooting at distance
  • Stress shooting
What to Bring:
Red Dot Sight (RDS) equipped Pistol, 500 rounds of ammunition, Properly-fitted holster for RDS pistol (IWB or OWB), Sturdy gun belt, Mag Pouches, Spare Batteries for RDS/Lights/Lasers, Weather Appropriate clothing,
Min. of 4 serviceable, proven Magazines, Eye and ear protection, Gloves, WATER, A positive mental attitude.
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